Publications and seminars

  • Infographic on Business Debt Hibernation regime (May 2020)
  • Seminar on E-discovery (Bankside Chambers, May 2020)
  • Laura O'Gorman "Female Barristers in New Zealand" (March 2020)
  • Chair at webinar by Bret Gustafson "Shareholder Agreements: Exit Provisions and Other Key Considerations" (Legalwise, 4 March 2020)
  • Workshop on "Thinking Clearly" (Bankside Chambers, 19 February 2020)
  • The Hon Justice Miller, The Hon Justice Jagose, Bronwyn McKinlay and Laura O'Gorman “Civil Electronic Casebooks - Senior Courts” (New Zealand Law Society Seminar, October 2019)
  • Laura O'Gorman "Chasing Debtors: Service and Cross-Border Issues" [File size: 7.9MB] at Legalwise webinar "3 Major Developments: Mainzeal Case and Directors, Insolvency Legislation, Cross-Border Recovery" (20 September 2019)
  • Laura O'Gorman and Jonathan Schwarcz, New Zealand Chapter in International Execution against Judgment Debtors (looseleaf ed, Thomson Reuters Westlaw, New York), 2010 and subsequent annual updates
  • Laura O'Gorman and Anita Birkinshaw "Variation of Contracts" in Legalwise Conference "Contract Law: Changes, Default and Disputes" (8 March 2019)
  • Laura O'Gorman "The paradox of meritocracy" (LawTalk 917, May 2018, p 60)
  • Panel presenter on "Technology for law, ADR, and practice" at LawFest 2018 Conference (Auckland, 8 March 2018)
  • Panel presenter on "E-discovery 101" at LawFest 2017 Conference (Auckland, 17 May 2017)
  • Panel speaker on "Privilege and its impact on discovery/production" at IPBA Conference (Auckland, 8 April 2017)
  • Presenter in panel session on “Navigating power relationships” at The Women in Law Leadership Summit (22 January 2016)
  • David Friar, Andrew King and Laura O’Gorman, “New Discovery Rules” (New Zealand Law Society Seminar, October 2011)
  • Laura O’Gorman & Birkinshaw, “Variation of Contracts” (LexisNexis Contract Law Conference, July 2010)
  • Laura O’Gorman and Daniel Ayers, “Electronic Discovery” (New Zealand Law Society Seminar, March and April 2009)
  • Laura O’Gorman and Scott Abel, “The Personal Property Securities Act in Practice” (INSOL and LexisNexis Insolvency Conference, March 2009)
  • Laura O’Gorman, “High Court Practice Rules Update" (Auckland District Law Society Inc Seminar, February 2009)

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