Contract and company

Contractual disputes and company law

Advising and representing clients in a wide range of complex contractual disputes and corporate law matters, including:

  • acting for company responding to shareholder request for information
  • acting for Zespri in claim about plant variety rights, including damages for contractual breaches
  • acting for a supplier to enforce minimum volume obligations
  • acting for company in respect of an exemption for filing audited financial statements
  • acting in proceedings to determine the rights attaching to preference shares
  • acting in a dispute about breach of contract and the effect of release and exclusion clauses
  • acting in a dispute about whether the parties had reached a binding settlement
  • acting on a dispute about issues of intention to contract and electronic signatures
  • acting for the Auckland Council in a case about frustration (ultimately determined by the Supreme Court)
  • acting for a vendor in a dispute about liability under a purchase price wash-up provision.